Season 3, Bonus Episode: Standing out from the AI 'blandscape' with Salesforce, Thomson Reuters and Rascal Ventures

27th March 2024

This bonus episode of How to Grow a CMO is taken from our recent virtual fireside chat on AI, during our AI Week event.

Alastair Hussain, SVP Strategy at The Marketing Practice

Melinda Chan, CMO, Corporates, at Thomson Reuters
Joanna Moss, UK&I Director of Executive Programs and ABM at Salesforce 
Jen Wright, Founder of Rascal Ventures

They tackled the big question for many B2B marketing leaders: how do you stand out in a world where every B2B organization wants to talk about ‘AI-powered solutions’?

Stay tuned for Season 4 of How to Grow a CMO. Coming soon. 

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