Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re working hard to build a welcoming culture

Mission Statement

Safety, community, inclusivity, diversity. That’s what we aspire to. We want to ensure that all communities feel heard at The Marketing Practice. We encourage authenticity and acceptance.

Matt Harper, CEO of The Marketing Practice

Diversity, equity and inclusion is important to us. We do our best work when we bring in diverse perspectives, when our teams feel safe to experiment, and when each of us can be our authentic selves. It’s our mission to create a place for that to happen.

Matt Harper
CEO, The Marketing Practice

Communities at The Marketing Practice

With support from HR and leadership, our communities work together towards change.

Employee focus group

A team that works together to represent employees, give feedback on their experiences, and build a bridge to the leadership team.

Women at TMP

Open to everyone who identifies as a woman or ally to discuss the issues that women face in the workplace and in the wider industry.


Regardless of your ethnic group, we have a space for allies to have candid conversations and share experiences.


Working to foster conscious inclusion and to ensure diversity, belonging, transparency and equity as standard.

Ready for our next community...

Our communities are always evolving and we encourage people to curate new groups where they see a need.


Getting perspective from our people

Regular feedback requests, a quarterly eNPS survey and our annual employee survey enable us to gain vital feedback on The Marketing Practice as a place to work. Our leadership Q&A is always open as we encourage people to talk to us and be part of the changes they want to see.

The gender pay gap

In 2023 we did our first gender pay gap analysis. We’re pleased that a gap doesn’t exist for a large proportion of our employees, but we do have pockets that we need to work on.

We're starting to look into the reasons behind those gaps, and ways in which we can better support people. This includes working out how to give more clarity on opportunities for progression and have better conversations about pay. We’ll continue to work towards closing the gap, and will report on it each year. 


Celebrating our amazing people

Each year, we come together for our internal awards, the Evies, to celebrate the people who make The Marketing Practice great. In case you're wondering, Evie is the name of our logo mark. In 2023, we received 800 nominations across categories such as the Inclusive Advocate and Natural Leader. We also have a space to express gratitude to our peers whenever we like - 'Evie Everyday'.

Working with like-minded organizations

BLAC partnership

If we want to effect positive change, we need to collaborate. In 2023, we partnered with BLAC, an internship community with a mission to bring more young Black people into advertising.  

We welcomed two budding young marketers on a twelve-week paid internship. Our interns gained valuable experience working with us and we were delighted to have them join our teams. We're hoping to continue this partnership to help inspire the next generation and bring diverse perspectives to our work.



Blac: Building leaders and creators

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