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What makes a great partnership? It all starts with the strategy

Power to the partnerships

The only thing we love more than a win, is a win-win. You and your partners can be better together with data-driven, strategic, measurable engagements.

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Channel your energies

Harness the power of the channel landscape, from reseller to Global Systems Integrator; from partner lead generation to joint ABM.

Go forth and multiply

Open up new revenue streams with the right partner marketing strategy. We identify, prioritize, profile and segment the partner landscape, then provide your new allies with the ideal opportunities and report on success.

Change the conversation

Move your partners along a product roadmap or open up new markets. We articulate your proposition to partners, advise on incentives, run training programs and develop sales toolkits.

More pie please

Co-develop and co-market joint propositions to unlock new customers. We help identify collaboration potential, research markets and support joint go-to-market; from lead generation to ABM.

Drive success with our partner demand engine

We use first-party buyer insight and account intelligence to help your partners target the right accounts, with the right messages. Demand is activated through a mix of media channels with personalized assets, and we nurture qualified leads before handing them to your partners.

Pick your marketing mix

Choose from our broad range of surround services to boost your channel marketing effectiveness. Whether that’s creating joint value propositions, developing thought leadership, or designing co-branding, we’ve got you covered.

Get the best return

We make sure that your Marketing Development Funds deliver, with a tailored partner marketing package based on demand creation and acceleration.

A suite of Microsoft Surface modern solutions program slides
Microsoft Surface modern solutions program advertising
A suite of Microsoft Surface modern solutions program slides
Microsoft Surface modern solutions program advertising

Channel marketing services

Grow your business with high-performing partnerships

  • Base your strategy on solid foundations. Our team research and profile potential partners with telephone surveys, market analysis, desk research and isometric testing to find the perfect fit.


Build a scalable channel partner program

It can be difficult to get hold of practical tools and frameworks to help grow your channel partners. Our Channel Partner Growth Toolkit has got you covered, it's full of useful guidance to help you align across your business and build a scalable partner program. 

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They are more than an agency, they are a partner. I trust them with my most valued customers. They have experience and deep insights into technical audiences, adding tremendous value and saving preparation time. Not only will they launch a great campaign, they will get vested in our business goals and continue to optimize until you achieve them.

Desiree Lockwood
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft