Strategies to rejuvenate your demand generation programs

The Year we Transform Demand


Five actionable insights to rejuvenate your demand generation programs

According to 6sense, 70% of a B2B buyer’s journey consists of extensive research – and that’s before even speaking to a vendor.

This is just one example of how B2B buyer behaviour is changing.

From creating better narratives to smoother digital-to-human handovers, this short guide reimagines the core principles of B2B marketing.

In a world where traditional marketing models are becoming obsolete, discover how you can attract more clients and boost sales with five actionable insights.

Delve into;

🧑 Changes in buyer behavior and research patterns 
🤝 The sales and marketing disconnect and the value of alignment 
💡 Data, content alignment, relevance and value delivery
🤖 How to handle the digital-to human handover
🚀 Adapting strategies for success with modern buyers

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