Sonova Marketing modern hearing aids, one ear at a time

A standout creative campaign changed perceptions in the hearing care industry, driving $1.18m in marketing attributed pipeline.

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Marketing attributed pipeline


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The challenge

Sonova was struggling to cut through with its new ‘in the ear’ (ITE) hearing device, from hero brand Phonak. A standout creative concept and campaign was needed to win over the gatekeepers of consumer sales.

ITE hearing aids represent a massive growth opportunity for companies such as Sonova, with over half of first-time users requesting them. However, the number fitted is much lower. 

A key factor in this mismatch in supply and demand is down to a preference among hearing care professionals for traditional hearing aids, due to them being quicker and easier to fit, without the need for bespoke modelling.    

Who is Sonova?

Sonova is a global leader in innovative hearing care solutions: from personal audio devices and wireless communication systems to audiological care services, hearing aids and cochlear implants. Their hero brand, Phonak, offers technologically advanced hearing products. There is a growing market for direct-to-consumer hearing products, but their primary sales channel is via independent healthcare professionals in hearing clinics.   

Sonova every one unique
Sonova sculpted to perfection
Sonova seamless fit
Sonova every one unique
Sonova sculpted to perfection
Sonova seamless fit

The insight

The new brand needed to change perceptions. Phonak and The Marketing Practice drew on research insights – which revealed that clinicians see fitting hearing aids as a skilled craft – to produce a standout creative concept.

The creative was influenced by classical sculpture and portrayed the ear as beautiful and unique; positioning hearing care professionals as the skilled sculptors of ultra-modern hearing aids.

The idea

Every One Unique.

The core message of the campaign was “Every One Unique”. Every ear is unique, and so is every Virto Paradise customized hearing aid. Craft, quality and tailoring were woven throughout the campaign messaging and visuals.

The unique visual treatment drew from the world of classical sculpture. We used photo-realistic 3D renders of individual ears, that could be morphed into each other to showcase how varied and unique our ears are.

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The experience

Social media posts and emails were targeted at hearing care professionals to create awareness and drive potential leads to the campaign landing page. 

The landing page contained information about ITE best practice and Phonak's improvements in that field. A web capture form gathered the contact details of hearing care professionals who wanted to find out more.  

The campaign ran in the US, UK, Australia, Europe (France, Spain and Germany) and Japan.

By rejecting the traditional stock imagery of happy customers and white-coated professionals, in favor of an insight-led creative concept, the campaign delivered success for Phonak. 

The outcomes

The unique creative concept stood out from all other marketing communications in the market.

The web capture form, email open rates and click-through rates, as well as the social media results, over-achieved both on specific campaign targets and average Phonak campaign benchmarks.

The lead target was over-achieved by more than 250%, and over $1m was generated in marketing attributed pipeline.

The campaign was Highly Commended at The Drum B2B Awards in the B2B Design category. 

The drum B2B awards highly commended


The campaign visuals and creatives were particularly well received by the targeted customers which increased the interaction metrics over the targets. The marble ear concept was adopted by our biggest country organization and used as a point-of-sale item. It helped hearing care professionals effectively showcase our products, which empowered our customers to lead a facilitated conversation with their clients and increase conversion rates.  

Kaan Bulut
Commercial Campaign Manager