TTEC Launching the New Category of CX as a Service

Our campaign launch strategy was twofold: spark awareness and interest in TTEC and CXaaS, and drive leads from within our target audiences.


Defining a New Category of Customer Experience Management.

Service experiences have a powerful impact on the way customers feel about a brand. And that impact comes with expectations to match. From timeliness to personalization to empathy and more, customers today expect a lot from service. And, when those expectations aren’t met, a brand working to earn customer happiness can start to feel it’s beyond their reach.

TTEC’s new Customer Experience as a Service (CXaaS) is a new category of CX solution that combines customer experience technology with skilled service professionals to deliver experiences that feel both human and modern. TTEC came to us for a distinctive campaign to carve out ownership of the new category and generate awareness and leads for CXaaS.


The challenge

We dug into research to understand customer experience from our audiences’ perspectives and uncover their related challenges and priorities. We discovered that, while CX is top-of-mind among the C-suite, it’s still an abstract concept for contact center leaders who would ultimately make the decision to bring on new CX technology. To attract their interest, we needed to convey the positive impact of customer experience transformation in overall business health.


The strategy

Our strategic direction for the campaign stemmed from “Experience transformation drives business transformation,” a message that empathizes with business priorities across our priority audiences while evoking a sense of progress and forward motion related to CX.

Insight: In a market where products are growing increasingly commoditized, a business’s competitive edge is shaped by the customer experiences it provides.

Armed with our strategic message, we developed a creative story that positioned CXaaS as a tool that gives businesses the power to transform their customer relationships, and by extension, their businesses. "Every customer can be a happy customer if every experience makes them smile.” With the combined power of people and technology, CXaaS gives businesses an unparalleled measure of control over their customer experiences—"making” happy customers and transforming their businesses as a result.

Our campaign launch strategy was twofold: spark awareness and interest in TTEC and CXaaS, and drive leads from within our target audiences. So, we created a campaign landing destination communicating the overarching value of CXaaS and some industry-specific executions, complete with branded thought leadership, research content and customer stories to drive engagement and demand.

Authoritative media partners were paired with bright, eye-catching campaign creative to drive traffic to the campaign site and cement the connection between TTEC and the new CXaaS category.

Content syndication, paid social ads and paid emails to key personas generated a strong lead volume with content that demonstrated TTEC’s leadership in the CX space.

And throughout, ongoing monitoring and optimization helped our placements outperform industry benchmarks across the campaign.


The results

In the first five months, the Happy Customers campaign outperformed industry benchmarks and sparked interest among key job titles and decision-makers within our target industries.



5x CTR

versus industry benchmark


new site users


AQL to MQL conversion rate (2X industry benchmark)


marketing qualified leads


Key deliverables

  • Research & Messaging Strategy

  • Creative & Messaging Development

  • Media Planning

  • Lead Generation

  • Analytics Consulting