Reltio Driving pipeline with a best-in-class ABX media program

Reltio saw a 20% increase in pipeline by focusing media strategy on the buying group.


Increase in pipeline velocity


Increase in actionable sales pipeline

The challenge

Reltio needed to improve conversion rates, increase velocity through the funnel, and boost efficiency in investments. To achieve this, they shifted their focus from marketing qualified leads to buying groups within just 60 days.

Our task was to create an innovative ABX media program to support Reltio's new approach. With ambitious business targets and a list of over 6,000 accounts, our strategy had to focus on delivering higher quality opportunities through a rearchitected funnel.​

The strategy

After reviewing existing campaigns, we proposed a new strategy, one that would better use media spend, moving away from a lead-based focus.

Aligning with Reltio's buying-group focus, we used 6sense to create account segments for key industries and different funnel stages. These segments were matched with Salesforce data and dynamically pushed into display campaigns on LinkedIn and 6sense ad platforms. 

By adding persona and intent targeting, we ensured the most relevant messages were shown based on geography, industry, and sales-funnel stage, with a strong focus on increasing content interactions to boost awareness.

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The experience

Reltio’s successful and rapid shift to buying groups was due in part to a rearchitecting of current systems and processes, it was about making everything work smarter, not harder.

We took this approach with our campaigns and across our always-on paid search. A lot of emphasis was placed on optimizations and partner relationships; daily campaign checks, monthly reporting and bi-weekly meetings with vendors are just some of the ways in which we gathered valuable data. This enabled us to adjust the dials and make sure this new high performing machine was delivering the expected outcomes.

The outcomes

Reltio now has a well-structured, efficient and scalable ABX model and paid media strategy that has delivered:

  • 24% increase in pipeline velocity

  • 20% increase in actionable sales pipeline

  • 50% reduction in closed-lost opps

  • 20% increase in pipeline per BDR year on year

  • 10% increase in pipeline quality



"The Marketing Practice has been integral in helping to lead Reltio into a new frontier of ABX across our GTM function; increasing efficiency, growing awareness and ultimately building pipeline."

Karim Azar
Sr. Director Web and Digital Marketing

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