Nutanix Setting sail from a sea of sameness

Erstwhile challenger brand, now established cloud technology player, Nutanix, saw a chance to grab market share through a new brand identity.



Increase in web engagements


Uplift in share of voice

In the realm of business, branding has traditionally been seen as a means to showcase a company's identity. Many businesses simply focus on finding new ways to express the same core values and offerings, which limits their potential for growth.

Forward-thinking companies understand that effective branding is actually a compass pointing toward their desired future. It is an opportunity to constantly evolve, align with their aspirations, and push beyond the boundaries of their current achievements.

Our client - Nutanix, Inc. - recognized the need for a branding overhaul that went beyond simply a new logo or color palette, and that’s where we came in.

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Who is Nutanix?

Nutanix is a pioneer of Hyperconverged Infrastructure (HCI), a game-changing technology that dramatically simplified IT operations by consolidating compute, storage, and networking into a single integrated system. Building on this legacy, Nutanix has evolved their offering into a comprehensive platform for running apps and data across multiple clouds, allowing customers to simplify their journey to becoming a modern businesses.

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The challenge

With a vision to expand their story beyond HCI, Nutanix pursued more than just a rebrand. The goal was to reshape and expand their narrative both to match company’s industry-leading technology and to reach customers who themselves are confronting the opportunities - and complexities - of cloud and multi-cloud operations.

The Nutanix marketing team came to us with the following marketing objectives:

  • To close the Share of Voice gap with near-field competitors
  • Leverage emotionally tuned language to differentiate compelling campaigns
  • Increase lead generation from demand campaigns
  • Increase site traffic from branded search

With an evolved mission and vision, Nutanix needed a refreshed brand experience aligned with its new direction. They sought to shift outdated perceptions of Nutanix as merely an HCI vendor to its present reality as a global leader in cloud solutions that allow businesses to quickly and easily build and operate a modern hybrid multicloud infrastructure.

The strategy

Through in-depth interviews with key stakeholders from across the company, we sought to gain insights into the Nutanix organizational values, goals, and aspirations, to develop a strategy would align with their vision for the future.

In parallel, we undertook an extensive review process, examining a wide range of case studies, branded collateral, reports, competitors' positioning, products, and, most importantly, the company’s vision for the future of the industry and the brand, allowing us to understand the existing brand landscape and identify areas for improvement.

We also created a comprehensive buyer journey map which involved mapping the entire process from initial awareness to customer onboarding. Our aim was not only to understand what resonated with our clients but to get into the minds of customers, to understand what semiotic cues helped them understand what a brand stands for.

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The solution and deliverables

As we delved into our strategy, we began to dream bigger and envision the brand not as a fixed destination but as a guiding horizon. We realized that the Nutanix brand had the potential to represent much more than we had previously imagined—it could reflect not only what we thought Nutanix was, but who they aspired to become.

Embodying the vision of a singular, flexible space, our sophisticated brand identity system was centred around the ‘Nexus’; a flexible brand device that embodied Nutanix’s antidote to data complexity.

This versatile device was crafted in various styles, such as 2D, 3D, patterns, and technical lines, enabling Nutanix to utilize iconic assets that could tell diverse stories and resonate with different markets.

We also delivered comprehensive Brand Guidelines and worked with their internal team to establish a digital asset hub and library using the Frontify® platform.

In addition to the brand fundamentals, we went above and beyond by creating ownable assets that extended beyond the traditional realm of branding. This included a captivating launch sizzle reel video and a dynamic brand campaign featuring videos and social ads.

Our dedication extended beyond the brand itself. By assisting Nutanix in delivering tangible results, rallying its internal teams, and generating genuine excitement within the organization, we fostered a dynamic partnership that transcended conventional branding boundaries.

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“Branding, done well, takes bravery. We weren’t afraid to dig deeper and take risks in the pursuit of our goals, and I’m hugely proud of what my team and The Marketing Practice have achieved together. Our new brand identity is already yielding tangible results in building brand awareness and is the ideal springboard for our future success.” 

Annie Headley
VP, Corporate Marketing at Nutanix