NTT DATA Highly targeted out of home and display advertising drove a 793% increase in goal conversions

Account and location-based advertising improved brand awareness among a key audience segment, driving a 100% increase in target organizations visiting NTT DATA’s website

NTT DATA needed to improve brand awareness in the enterprise sector in order to create an easier selling environment.

By combining out of home adverts in key locations with highly targeted account-based display advertising, we achieved a click-through rate of 150% of the industry benchmark and drove high quality traffic to the site.

The challenge

NTT DATA had an aspiration to increase its customer base among companies of more than 5,000 employees and £1bn turnover.

But brand awareness was low in this segment, which was based primarily in London and the South East.

The strategy

We analyzed the target account list and used the findings to place display adverts with publishers serving business and technical audiences.

These appeared on a network of sites which targeted key verticals and companies on the account list. Location targeting was added, using Argus, to reach mobile devices during rush hour at underground stations used by our audience. The online activity was complemented by out of home adverts at key locations. Intelligence on companies visiting the website was passed to NTT DATA’s marketing and sales teams.

The results

Focusing the campaign on specific locations, verticals and accounts minimized wastage and drove up traffic quality, with 100% increase in visits from the target enterprise sector. 1,557 unique companies were engaged and goal conversions increased by 793%.

Key deliverables

  • Media buying

    Out of home and online display advertising was purchased to reach a targeted list of companies and sectors.

  • Location targeting

    Argus was used to target adverts to mobile devices being used during rush hour at selected underground stations.

  • Website tracking

    Company engagement tracking was added to the NTT DATA website, so sales and marketing could be alerted to prospects who had engaged with the campaign.

The program in numbers


increase in website traffic


Increase in goal conversions


Increase in traffic from enterprise-level accounts


increase in page views


of industry benchmark click-through rate


unique companies engaged

NTT DATA worked with TMP to execute our brand campaign – a high-profile advertising campaign both outdoors across London’s major train station and across digital channels. TMP determined the media approach, the channels and delivered the campaign to the market. It was delivered seamlessly, and results have exceeded our expectations.

Kapil Ghetia
Marketing Director, NTT DATA