Ontrak Health An ABM strategy delivering over 1k inquiries from targeted accounts for Ontrak

Unaddressed conditions lead to unneeded costs. Let’s address that, together.



total inquiries from targeted accounts


impressions generated, 11.4K clicks

It’s estimated that 26 million adults in the United States do not receive treatment for their behavioral health concerns.

That’s due in part to the fact that behavioral health issues can be especially difficult to identify.Ontrak Health changes that: through predictive analytics, persistent outreach, and therapist-led care regimens, Ontrak Health engages with a small population of high-risk, high-cost members to guide them on a personalized path of care on the health plan’s behalf—saving plans millions of dollars annually.


The challenge

But how could Ontrak Health communicate this to health plans in an effective and efficient way?

The key to Ontrak Health’s success would be to grab its target audience’s attention by thoroughly expressing the complexity and severity of the behavioral health crisis.


The strategy

To help inform campaign creation and strategy, we conducted client onboarding sessions, secondary research of industry and consumer trends, and stakeholder interviews. This research formed a comprehensive understanding of Ontrak Health's audience’s specific needs, challenges, and barriers to purchase.

Through this discovery process, we were able to uncover industry and customer insights that would help to inform the team’s creative insight—ultimately serving as the cornerstone for the campaign.

Program Goals

  • Drive targeted awareness among Director-level titles from a list of 84 target accounts
  • Drive inquiries, and progress contacts to sales ready leads (SRLs) by leveraging campaign landing pages, “big rock” content (white papers), blogs, articles, and nurture emails
  • Provide sales account owners with qualified contacts to advance to meetings

Key deliverables

  • Creative Concepts

    Hidden behavioral health issues can lead to hidden costs. That’s because those afflicted are less likely to seek care, leading to long-term impacts on both the individual and society at large.Ontrak Health's mission is to help health plans change their approach to treating those impacted by behavioral health issues. This starts with understanding which members need help the most and helping them to identify and address underlying problems that could be negatively impacting their health. By addressing behavioral health issues that were previously unaddressed, Ontrak Health's program can improve lives.

  • Syndication Partners

    We collaborated with content syndication partners Integrate, HIMSS, Modern Healthcare, Fierce Healthcare, Multiview, and AHIP SmartBrief to drive awareness and inquiries. To broaden reach, we also included email, paid social, endemic partnerships via newsletters, run-of-site banners, and programmatic display.

  • Video Production

    To provide further education on the inequities that exist within behavioral healthcare—and to develop a new audience messaging gateway for the campaign—we created a video illustrating the barriers to care those members face. This video is hosted on a landing page that presents Ontrak Health as a solution.

  • Account-Based Marketing

    We crafted an Account-Based Marketing strategy to get Ontrak’s content in front of decision-makers at high-value accounts. Through this process, we were able to help Ontrak Health to:

  • Thought Leadership

    Illustrate hurdles and position Ontrak Health as the solution through gated assets including white papers, blogs, and webinars—all written or conducted by industry experts, physicians, and Ontrak Health’s subject matter experts.


After our initial launch, in FY2021 we saw:


total inquiries from targeted accounts


inquiries directly from C-Suite titles


of inquiries came from Tier 1 and Tier 2 accounts


impressions generated, 11.4K clicks