Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Advanced Materials Rebranding as a Possibility Provider

Injecting emotion in a fact-driven market with a new identity for Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Advanced Materials.


Mitsubishi Chemical Group - Advanced Materials (MCG: AM) is a global manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastics.

It offers products for industries ranging from aerospace to renewable energy.

Following a period of significant growth, it saw a need to simplify the business by rebranding. The new brand would have to support the corporate strategy, vision and mission, and tell a clear and coherent story across the business. It would also have to leverage the power of the Mitsubishi main brand and its KAITEKI sustainability philosophy.

The objective was to inject some emotion (in a very fact-driven market) and make potential and current employees even more proud to work for the Mitsubishi Chemical Group.


The challenge

As well as supplying materials, MCG: AM was moving to a more consultative business model, helping clients to innovate, design and prototype.

They needed a new brand story which would span both the old-style ‘supplier’ model, and the new ‘prototyping partner’ model.

In addition, over the years multiple acquisitions had led to a more complex product offering with differing buying journeys. This made the business more difficult for customers to navigate. And like many manufacturing businesses today, as they shift to a more circular business model, ESG plays a huge part in their sustainable future.

Our task was to create a clear and coherent brand story that encompassed and addressed all these factors, making sure that our work reflected the present while also paving the way for the future.


The strategy

We began by conducting a series of stakeholder interviews with the MCG: AM team and analyzing customer research.

What became clear was that the range of challenges their customers faced was huge. From new ways to make aircraft lighter and more fuel-efficient, to creating medical devices that perform more efficiently and cleanly, engineers are asked to solve the many issues of the modern world on a daily basis.

Our research revealed that what makes MCG: AM special is its ability to think beyond what clients need today and help them work out what they'll need tomorrow. It goes beyond the remit of a materials supplier to consult with customers about how its expertise can enable future possibilities.

This became the core of the brand proposition — The Possibility Provider.

The story would become about how MCG: AM's deep expertize helped engineers solve the most complex of problems and realise their vision.

In addition to the brand story and strategy, we developed a full suite of materials that brought The Possibility Provider positioning to life visually and verbally, and gave the MCG: AM team the tools to roll it out consistently across all collateral and communications.


The results

From a new website to a Sharepoint brand hub to a hero brand video, we created the core assets that brought the brand to life for internal and external audiences.


Key deliverables

  • Core creative

    Our creative route took the Mitsubishi master brand as the inspiration for the visual approach. We developed a distinctive and flexible framework to present all outputs from social campaigns to datasheets. We also created tone of voice guidelines that ensured all written communications supported and amplified the new brand approach.

  • Brand rollout

    Making sure that the new brand was taken up across the business was key. We created a comprehensive 90-page document and a series of brand onboarding sessions that brought teams across the business on board with the thinking and approach.

  • Brand assets

    From a new website to a Sharepoint brand hub to a hero brand video, we created the core assets that brought the brand to life for internal and external audiences.