DocProcess Brand repositioning and refreshed visual identity helped DocProcess own a whole new category

Articulating genuine business advantage through clever positioning and a powerful visual identity propelled DocProcess to prominence in a typically static market


DocProcess automates business processes. It needed to better articulate its value to prospects in order to fend off competition and launch into a new market.

We carried out a brand audit and market analysis in order to inform new brand positioning, articulation and visual identity to open up a brand new category.

The challenge

In a world awash with digital transformation solutions and providers, DocProcess struggled to stand out for its genuine differentiator: not only automating a company’s internal operational processes but directly connecting into the information systems of its partners.

DocProcess mobile website design

The strategy

A full brand audit and review of the market revealed that DocProcess had the chance to occupy a new category in its market: business ecosystem automation.

DocProcess’s unique platform goes beyond internal transformation, enabling firms to automate processes across a whole ecosystem of suppliers, partners and financial institutions. The existing brand positioning wasn’t making this clear to the audience.

We created a new, jargon-free positioning statement. The articulation was brought to life through a visual identity that nodded towards DocProcess’s connectivity and data accuracy, with fine keylines and a background interconnected graphic.

DocProcess branded merchandise design

The results

From being seen as just another player in the business process automation sector, DocProcess has defined and owned a new category, providing a new platform from which the business can grow.

DocProcess social media design

Key deliverables

  • Brand audit & market analysis

    Research unearthed the innovation which lay hidden within the core of the DocProcess offering.

  • Positioning, brand identity and tone of voice

    We defined brand positioning for the new category, matched by a powerful visual identity and tone of voice which matches their status as an innovator.

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