Becoming Revenue Champions: Modern Demand Generation

28th November 2023

In this recording of our November 2023 workshop, experts Jon Miller, Chief Evangelist at Demandbase, Marlowe Fenne, Americas ABM Lead at Cloudflare, and Brian Caulfield, SVP, Solutions at The Marketing Practice, delve into the nuances of modern demand generation. They share critical insights on transitioning from MQLs to MQAs, enhancing field marketing agility, and mastering contemporary demand generation tactics to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

Key highlights:

- Moving from MQL to MQA: Understand the shift to Marketing Qualified Accounts (MQAs), align your field marketing strategies, and implement tactics to identify and engage high-value accounts.

- Agility: Enhance agility in your field marketing operations, adapt quickly to market changes and trends, and stay ahead of the competition with agile marketing.

- Growth Engine - Modern Demand Generation: Create a growth-focused field marketing strategy and leverage data and technology for demand generation success.