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Ours is a story of growth through strategic partnership: Uncovering the critical elements which we’ve since combined and cultivated to lay the groundwork for ongoing success. 

Let’s explore what we’ve accomplished and where we hope to grow next. 

Year 1

We've covered a lot of ground in our first year together. 

To create the right conditions for our work to flourish, we’ve dug deep into the partner ecosystem, sifting through your partner data to unearth insights and polish them into a solid strategy to guide our progress.  

We’ve examined and audited the partner experience, finding and filling holes in the UX to ensure our tactics could take root. Together, we created a fertile environment where we can grow partner success. 

Take a look at the seeds we’ve planted this year: 

Our efforts are already starting to bear fruit.


partners profiled via PSS activity


media impressions on our partner messaging


visitors to our partner campaign landing pages


partner resources, assets, and content pieces produced

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Year 2

In the year ahead, we’ll cultivate further to accelerate growth.  

Revised targets will help us focus your resources on the most fruitful activities. From the MDF program to Partner Power UP! to ongoing partner enablement, we’ll continue to nurture these efforts to speed growth and ensure you're reaping the benefits: 

Growth opportunities

  • Partner demand generation: Align with Enterprise Sector Marketing Initiatives to inform partner demand generation and enablement initiatives.
  • Partner growth acceleration: Nominate partners on a quarterly basis to run account-based demand generation campaigns and build a growth model for Strategic and Tier 2 partners.
  • Expanded partner purview: Focus efforts to recruit partners already accustomed to advanced solution selling, and to help existing partners grow beyond “their papers” to push solutions like 5G ANS.  
  • Joint venture and co-sell: Formalize agreements with Hyperscalers and Global System Integrators to cross-pollinate opportunities across the partner ecosystem. 
  • ABM: Identify strategic partners as candidates for bespoke ABM campaigns. 

Partner enablement & delight

  • MDF acceleration: Speed delivery of MDF packages to generate success stories which can help us increase partners’ uptake of funding and revenue per execution. 
  • Partner Power UP!: Relaunch the Power UP! Rewards Program to clarify benefits and increase partner participation and success. 
  • +7 partner NPS: Develop and operationalize a twice-yearly partner NPS benchmark. 

Recruitment & onboarding

  •  400 new partners: Focus recruitment efforts to hit this target and deliver partners that align with your key solutions and six priority verticals.
  • Acceleration of partner journey: Speed time-to-value by providing resources and support to help decrease the average time between initial onboarding and first transaction.


By our third year, we’ll be established enough to focus on growth in new areas. 

We aim to go into our third year together with fully established, fruitful tactics which we can propagate to unlock further growth through expanded deal types and more.

Expand the partner growth engine

We’ll broaden the remit of our growth activities to increase volume and value of deals through the Partner Program.

Refine the MDF program

Based on success stories and learnings gathered from our first two years, we’ll refine the packages and delivery of the MDF program to increase efficiency and ROI.

Broaden deal types

We’ll have gathered ample insights to inform expanded deal types and unlock new opportunities.



Our next stage of growth

We've analyzed the financial terms from our first year of working together, and developed a proposal which reflects the learnings from this year and our recommended commercial approach for renewing our contract with you. Download this document to read the proposed commercial approach.


Your team

Our retainer has made it possible for us to keep a consistent team of specialists focused on your most important objectives. That means dedicated thinkers and doers who are immersed in T-Mobile for Business so that we can bring a combination of organizational and technical knowledge with a fresh perspective to every project.  

We’ve all had our fair share of Magenta Moments. Watch this quick video to hear the highlights.

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