TMP Talk: Magenta Edition | January + February 2024 The Marketing Practice +
T-Mobile for Business

In this review, we'll share a snapshot into The Marketing Practice’s ongoing strategic efforts to boost engagement, improve recruitment, and bolster the perceived value of the T-Mobile for Business Partner Program. Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to. 


Month in review

During January and February, our team made progress in a few ongoing initiatives:  

  • Partner Success Outreach
  • Advocacy
  • Digital experience

Combining tactics for marketing, strategy, and partner support, we’re able to continue our efforts to reach current and prospective partners.  

T-Mobile for Business Solutions Brief

Partner success outreach

Our Partner Success Specialists have reached out to current and prospective partners via numerous channels over the past few months.

With crafted call guides, LinkedIn messages, and emails, they’ve seen successful engagement across each contact list. The 1:1 interactions with our inside sales team and partners are creating a better sense of trust that the T-Mobile Partner Program team is listening to partners, and they’ve been impressed by the personal calls and messages. 


"Partners are generally happy with the T-Mobile for Business partnership. They like the flexibility it offers, the freedom to engage with all sorts of customers, and the willingness of T-Mobile for Business direct sellers to make customer deals work by thinking outside of the box. "

T-Mobile Partner Program
Partner Success Specialists



Over the past two months, TMP has successfully collaborated with both T-Mobile for Business and partners to start developing use cases to promote the success of the Partner Program.  

After conducting interviews with key stakeholders from Apex Wireless, we’ve distilled the information into a designed PDF that highlights TfB solutions, challenges solved, and direct partner quotes. Apex Wireless had great things to say about TfB—boasting about their appreciation and the value they feel the program provides. This story is going to help show the impact that the Partner Program can truly have on businesses and their customers, enticing prospective partners to join and current ones to continue their TfB selling efforts. 

Read the story


“One thing I appreciate about T-Mobile is their ability to keep up with the ever-changing demands of clients.”

William Brunton
Apex Wireless, Owner

Digital experience

After gathering feedback from partners, we determined that revamping the partner portal has to be a priority to help partners in their selling efforts. We’ve started with the homepage of the portal. Leaning on our UX expertise, we’ve rearranged the homepage to make registering deals, leveraging offers, and finding resources as simple as possible. The streamlined layout is only the beginning of these efforts to transform the partner portal but will be a great starting point to influence the rest of the redesign.

We’ve also started working on a number of launch comms to send to account managers and partners to make sure they’re aware of these new updates. 


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