JATO Dynamics Applying a consumer style experience to an automotive data platform helped JATO reinvent itself

New online tools allowed JATO’s users to find and upload relevant data more easily; reducing error and establishing the firm as an insight partner



adoption by the JATO research community


consistency of data entry within the first month

JATO is the market leader in automotive data. As part of its growth strategy, it wanted to reposition itself from a data supplier to an insight partner.

We designed and built platforms for distinct audiences, focusing on the UX strategy and building the UI presentation layer that integrates with the backend services.


The challenge

JATO serves different customer groups, from dealers to OEMs to town planners, each of whom only want to see the data that’s relevant to them. We needed to simplify large, unstructured data sets into beautiful, intuitive user interfaces, similar to the quality of a consumer-focused product. The solutions had to be scalable, flexible, and adaptable for future product developments.


The strategy

We delivered three solutions as part of JATO’s transformation project. The first was a consistent design and component system, reflecting brand guidelines, that allows the in-house team to roll out new products consistently. The second was the JATO Dealer Value Exchange: an insight platform that gives dealers the ability to upload their own sales data and benchmark it against competitors. Finally, we developed a data capture app for JATO’s in-house automotive researchers to replace the previous manual data entry system, creating huge efficiencies by automatically normalizing unstructured data.


Key deliverables

  • UX strategy & UI build

    UX strategy and UI build for JATO’s universal React.js-based component system, Dealer Value Exchange platform, Vehicle Research Tool (VRT) and Feature Based Research Tool (FBRT).

  • Technology rollout

    JATO uses the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) for agile technology deployment; we joined as a team alongside eight others around the world.

The results

The new platforms allow JATO to easily and efficiently roll out new products and accurately capture data. Crucially, they improve user experience by directly connecting customers with relevant data via an intuitive interface, shifting perceptions of JATO from a data supplier to an insight partner.

FBRT enables digitisation of our market research model and data management capabilities to deliver our core brand value of ‘Precision under pressure’ in a more accurate, scalable and dependable way.

Anelia Bingen
Head of Global Data and Research, JATO