Everside Health Pulling three historical brands into one cohesive digital experience.

A refreshed campaign and new website to re-position one of the largest providers of direct primary and mental health care in the U.S.


Formerly known as Paladina Health, Activate Healthcare, Healthstat and R-Health, Everside Health is now a singular brand that needed a singular campaign concept. Following our successful partnership with Paladina, the new brand entrusted us with getting a fresh campaign off the ground.


The challenge

Everside’s historical site offered a bounty of information for their target audiences: employers, members, and HR departments within organizations. But the way the website was structured was not conducive to their users’ experience. Many users were unable to find the content that was suited to them, which created gaps in understanding Everside’s available services and resources for doctors and patients alike.

The revamped website needed to not only solve this navigational problem, but to do so in a way that created dedicated spaces to tell all the necessary stories. For this, we leaned on our audience segmentation: three distinct groups of users necessitated three different value propositions. That’s because the services that are important to a sick patient are much different from the services that are important to an HR representative. But the thing that is universally important to all audiences is the ability to get the information they need, when they need it.

All of this needed to be done in a way that showcased the brand’s new look and feel, in a tone and manner that adhered to that new brand.


The strategy

To help inform campaign concept, we conducted client discovery sessions. These sessions included key stakeholder interviews, and in-depth industry research and stat gathering.

Using all the information gathered through this discovery process, we were able to uncover industry and customer insights that would help to inform our creative insight—ultimately serving as the cornerstone for our concept.


The Concept: It’s Better On the Everside

Healthcare as a benefit is not a novel concept. Healthcare that people actually know how to use, is.

On The Everside, there's no such thing as low utilization. There's no such thing as "wait... how does this work?" On The Everside, all we see are strong and healthy workforces—employees who feel empowered to use the healthcare system to the best of its abilities. All we have are awesome employers like you, who are driven by the idea that your employees deserve more than the status quo.

On The Everside, we have less sick days, less "I can push through it" days. Our practitioners are always accessible, our support lines always open, and our benefits are easy to read, understand, and use.

And, when you come over to The Everside, your CFO will give you the world's biggest high-five—because not only have you saved the company money, but you've put more cash back into your employees' pockets. Pretty cool, right?


Key deliverables

  • Account-Based Marketing

  • Brand Awareness

  • Content Strategy and Development

  • Creative Development

  • Demand Generation

  • Industry Research

  • Lead Generation

  • Media Planning

  • Sales Enablement

  • Website Build