Clinigen A new online ordering platform freed up Clinigen to focus on customer service excellence

A test-learn-adapt approach to digital transformation, and use of primary research to inform UX, improved customer experience and facilitated long term growth


Clinigen is a speciality pharmaceutical and services company, supplying medicines to hospital pharmacists and clinicians around the world.

We helped rationalize a complex set of ERPs (enterprise resource planning systems) and launch a new self-service ordering system which improved customer experience and minimized supply chain disruption.

The challenge

Clinigen needed to undergo a major digital transformation program.

Its customer base of healthcare professionals was having to go through a convoluted process to order medicines, using existing legacy systems or contacting the customer service team. The firm needed to simplify the customer experience; creating one, self-service platform for ordering both general and managed access medicines.


The strategy

Healthcare professionals aren’t used to ordering medicines through a self-service platform, so it was important the process inspired trust.

We used primary research to establish customer pain points, then delivered a staged transformation program, allowing us to get to market quickly while learning and adapting in line with feedback from real users.


The results

The Clinigen Direct platform freed up customer service teams to focus on customer support rather than order processing.

Not only can orders now be placed through the new platform, it also collates data on global medicine shortages to improve supply chain efficiency and minimize disruption.

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Key deliverables

  • Primary research

    Research revealed healthcare professionals’ pain points and helped inform the UX design.

  • Online ordering platform

    A self-service platform allows medicines to be bought online and provides data on global stock levels.

  • Digital rollout

    A staged rollout applied real user feedback to improve the online experience.


You have provided excellent strategic and technical expertise which have enabled us to develop a platform that will help us reach more healthcare professionals and drive long term growth. Your UX focus has placed the needs of healthcare professionals at the heart of our ordering experience, helping us to provide an outstanding service.

Simon Harper
Vice President, Digital, Clinigen