Botify Removing clutter and complexity helped Botify speak the language of the CMO

In a world of anonymous SEO platform providers, we created a distinctive brand for Botify to help it stand out from the crowd


Botify operates in the enterprise SEO category; a sector full of brands with similar visual styles and feature-led messaging.

By digging into what senior buyers in this industry want, and aligning that to Botify’s strengths, we created a distinctive brand that resonates with CMOs.

The challenge

Botify is an SEO platform that gives businesses the tools to improve their search rankings.

It wanted to become the undisputed search engine optimization platform for enterprises. But most CMOs don’t know the name of an SEO company, let alone the value they can generate. The brand needed repositioning and redesigning to support the company’s enterprise growth ambitions.


The strategy

We ran a series of interviews and workshops with key people at Botify to understand what made the company unique from a product and culture view.

Then came competitor research, which revealed other vendors’ messaging was skewed towards the purely rational. Finally, market analysis showed CMOs were looking for new growth opportunities, such as unlocking the value in existing digital assets. Together, these insights informed our brand idea: ‘The power to discover hidden potential’. Supporting messages highlighted the benefits of maximizing digital assets. We created a visual concept using light, shadow and layers as simple metaphors showing how to reveal hidden value by removing clutter and complexity.


The results

Botify's new brand is distinctive and grown-up. It resonates confidence and the brand now stands out ahead of its competitors.


Key deliverables

  • Core brand idea

    Workshops, interviews and research unearthed insights which informed the development of a core brand idea.

  • Supporting messaging

    A set of supporting messages highlighted the business benefits of getting more value from digital assets.

  • Visual concept

    We developed a visual concept with colours, fonts and graphic styles that brought to life the central brand idea.