The observable buyerverse. Getting closer to the B2B buyer’s journey

16th February 2023

b2b buyer journey

We can all agree that gaining insights into the world of the B2B buyer is valuable but challenging.  That shouldn’t be surprising.  Anything that dynamic, complex, and non-linear is hard to track, especially when it is conducted by a cross-functional team, often with divergent roles and needs. 

But help is at hand.  In this article, inspired by significant progress across the disciplines in the revenue team, we can shed light on how to gain the visibility you need. 

ABM is changing how Marketing and Sales collaborate and share information; Martech, particularly analytics, has advanced significantly.  Research can now be conducted as continuous discovery, a much more accessible and affordable approach. 

With these advances in mind, we created the Observable Buyerverse, a model that offers a set of scenarios with increasing levels of visibility.   We start with a big picture view and zoom in to more detail incorporating Martech, Sales, and Research insights. 

Our journey takes us from the insights you can attain with the most commonly deployed martech to the highest resolution view, incorporating behavioral research and mapping activities.  We will also review the experience design tools used to target complex marketing challenges by providing collaborative visualizations to create a shared understanding and highlight data gaps. 

Welcome to the Observable Buyerverse.  We hope it will inspire both experimentation and closer collaboration across the revenue team to bring much-needed clarity to the world of the buyer. 

Download The Observable Buyerverse to find out! 

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