Turning pitches into experiences

23rd October 2021

How to tell stories that truly connect with your clients.

So, you’ve got a big pitch to win. You’ve outlined the keys USPs, everyone on the team knows their part, and you’ve managed to slim the PowerPoint deck from over 150 slides to something more manageable. But did you know that deals are more likely to be won if they’re part of a seamless brand experience? Here’s how we can help you turn pitches into experiences.

The four fundamentals

So how do we do it? When it comes to helping our clients to win, we believe in four things:

1. Simplicity speaks to leadership

You’ve got a lot to say, and not much time to say it. However, your audience won’t remember every single bullet point – they’re busy people with a business to run. In fact, they’ll typically only remember one thing once the presentation is over.

To have maximum effect, we recommend that you make the experience of working with you the thing that they’ll never forget.

2. Dare to have a big idea

The role of a big idea in pitch experiences is just as important as it is in any other campaign:

It underpins everything.

Bidding for a global fast-food chain, for example, is about more than burger-shaped mailers. They might raise a smile, but the chances are they’ll have seen it all before. Remember, It’s the idea beneath the material that will make or break your response.

Our dedicated teams hunker down and generate ideas for you thick and fast, that appeal to the audience and cut through.

3. Your success is our success

You may have heard of the term bid support. That’s technically what we do, but we offer so much more. We prefer for you to think of us as a partner. We’re in your corner; we feel the elation of your wins and share the losses.

Our mission is to put a smile on your client’s faces. For example, we created a pitch presentation to one of the world’s largest retail companies, built entirely around experience, with absolutely no PowerPoint.

Using a mixture of technology and physical space, we created a fully interactive environment that brings the offer to life, leading to a win and a wealth of positive feedback from our clients and their prospects.

4. We win over people, not companies

It’s an individual, a decision-maker, that will choose your business over the competition.

So, whether you’re connecting two brands with a common purpose or connecting with your audience on pitch day, approach every project with empathy.

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