B2B agency The Marketing Practice partners with three leading tech platforms to support complex B2B sales

21st January 2021

We’re delighted to have signed agreements with three technology partners to provide our clients with added personalisation and reach in our demand generation, account-based marketing, channel partner, and customer lifecycle marketing programmes.

Drift offers live chat and chat bots, Folloze allows for the easy creation of data-driven B2B buyer journeys, and Sendoso facilitates the sending of direct mail even when people are working from home.

We’ve integrated these apps into our full-scale marketing programmes as options that our agile scrum teams can draw upon alongside their existing access to data, digital, planning, creative, content and inside sales capabilities.

‘We took on a fun challenge,’ says Paul Everett, Chief Innovation Officer at TMP. ‘It started by picturing the very best enterprise sales executives that we know, people with track records of selling big deals to a senior audience. We mapped out what they do to build 1:1 relationships with their prospects. And then figured out how to scale it to hundreds of prospects – which is where these partnerships come in.’

‘Our mission at Folloze is to turn marketing engagement into tangible business results, which is why we’re excited about partnering with one of the world’s leading B2B agencies to help clients navigate and succeed in our new digital-only reality,’ says Eric Bauer, VP Alliances & Business Development at Folloze.

We’re already seeing success with the intelligent application of these platforms as part of a broader strategy – check out the ABM and demand generation use cases for more detail or get in touch to find out more.


Demand Generation and ABM use cases

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