Home-schooling for B2B marketers

31st March 2020

With commutes on hold and working patterns disrupted, new pockets of time are emerging that can be used for learning new skills or reading up on best practice.

We’re building a packed timetable of B2B marketing to download on demand, from specific updates on marketing through a crisis, to more general bite-size sessions on marketing strategy, demand generation tips, ABM techniques and more. Home Schooling for B2B Marketers draws inspiration from the TMP Academy, our own in-house learning and development programme.


What sales needs from marketing

The Marketing Practice & Marketing Week

Inside B2B: Podcast 3


Generating more revenue from digital demand generation and ABM

Jason Glover & Steven Shapiro

The Marketing Practice & DigitalDemandGen


ABM in the new normal: a practitioner's guide

Kate Owen & Mike Green and Mark Larwood

Capita & O2 Business


What comes after Covid?

The Marketing Practice & Marketing Week

Inside B2B: Podcast 2


After the lockdown: what does the future hold for B2B Marketing?

Mike Golden & Steven Proud



A strong recovery starts with healthy data

David van Schaick & David Kershaw

The Marketing Practice


Keeping the sales pipeline moving

with Bob Apollo

Inflexion Point


How B2B brands are responding to 'forced digital transformation'

The Marketing Practice & Marketing Week

Inside B2B: Podcast 1


How to shoot great B2B videos from home

Video novices

The Marketing Practice


Telemarketing in the Coronavirus crisis

David van Schaick & Erica Neal

The Marketing Practice


Social Selling workshop

Erica Neal & Sarah Knight

The Marketing Practice


Sales Activation in B2B

David van Schaick

Chief Marketing Officer


Running virtual ABM workshops

Chris Burke

Senior ABM Strategist

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