Going global: Behind the scenes with local and global teams delivering ABM at scale

9th December 2020

Hear from ABM practitioners at ServiceNow, one of the world’s fastest-growing businesses. If you have seen great results with 1:1 ABM – and maybe even some 1:few approaches – how do you grow this to a global model?

In this timely presentation – relevant for anyone looking to scale ABM – you will see real stories of how to:

✔️Combine the strengths of global and local teams to scale ABM

✔️Create a customer journey, not an ABM plan

✔️Partner with the sales team

✔️Change perceptions at C-level with a relevant corporate narrative

✔️Balance the need for agility & responsiveness with limited resources


  • Dominique Hall, ABM and Industry Marketing Lead, ServiceNow

  • Elise Miller Global ABM Lead, Financial Services, ServiceNow

  • Jenny Leighton, Account Director, The Marketing Practice


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