Four Ways to Capture the Customer Marketing Growth Opportunity in 2023

4th April 2023

The fairytale growth story for the enterprise technology sector is becoming harder to realize.

We’ve seen stock prices fall for those who struggle to squeeze more revenue from existing customers and investors’ precious dollars being reserved for companies with high Net Retention Rates (NRR).

With growth at such a premium, what can organizations be doing in 2023 to maximize their growth?

The answer is to look beyond net-new acquisition and towards existing customers where expanding their usage and adoption of your portfolio can make for a resilient source of recurring revenue. A view shared by B2B marketing leaders in our annual effectiveness barometer report, with 46% of respondents putting more emphasis on growing existing customers or moving them to more profitable products/services.

In this on-demand webinar, Chris Burke, ABM and Product Strategy Director will outline how to practically implement four different customer growth strategies:

✔️Increasing adoption and utilization by understanding the science behind why customers do  or don’t adopt technology

✔️Elevating internal stakeholder awareness by better grabbing the ear of the C-suite

✔️Improving customer retention by building multi-threaded relationships with  customers and clearly articulating the value of your work with them

✔️Creating deep customer advocacy that promotes cross-sell/up-sell via strong alignment   with internal champions and co-creating content and experiences with your customers


Download the accompanying report and practical guide 

Four ways to drive customer growth:

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