Capturing the hearts and minds of the CISO

19th July 2023

We are sure most CISOs would rather be prepared for a vulnerability than damage their credibility. They much rather prepare for a security award acceptance speech, than deal with the fall out of a data breach.

We know that as a cybersecurity solution provider, you will want to be beside her (or him, or they, but that doesn’t rhyme) when they pick up that award. Particularly if you are aware that the cybersecurity market is projected to grow to $256.5 billion by 2028.

Over the last few years, the cybersecurity industry has become crowded, making it difficult for security vendors to stand out and capture the hearts and minds of the CISO.

According to The Cybersecurity Hype, 91% of decision-makers found it difficult to select cybersecurity vendors due to unclear marketing about their specific offering.

The challenge for CMOs of cybersecurity businesses is to seize a decent chunk of the growing market. So, move over buzzword-bingo and grab hold of the three big opportunities for cybersecurity marketers.

CISOs work long hours, cybersecurity worries are keeping them, their teams, and the wider business up at night. It is time to put their minds at ease, and give them back some time (for fishing, not phishing) and while you are at it, achieve great returns on your marketing spend.

How does a $164m pipeline of revenue sound, or a 613% return on pipeline? Those are just a few results we have delivered for other cyber security providers.

Remember, us marketers are not the only ones who are metric minded. CISOs are too – they use data to measure performance. And like us, they think about security in terms of business opportunity, and how the decisions they make will affect profits, efficiency, and competitive edge. 


Those were just a few insights to get you started, to discover the three big opportunities for cybersecurity marketers then continue reading our latest report. 

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