B2B branding is still critical in a demand generation world

2nd March 2021


What it really takes to build your pipeline If you’re not connecting your B2B brand branding and demand generation activities, you’re missing the opportunity to build engagement, recognition, and ultimately pipeline.

Brand teams create awareness at the top of the funnel, while demand teams strive for conversions at the bottom. Too often these departments operate in isolation, with separate budgets and different KPIs. This all-too-common model misses valuable opportunities to generate and convert demand over the long term.

Hear from Annie Headley, VP of corporate marketing at Nutanix, and David Hayes, VP of client growth at The Marketing Practice, on how to effectively join up the two sides of the brand-gen coin. You’ll find out:

    • How to connect brand and demand activities, and why it matters

    • What’s involved in creating a full-funnel customer journey

    • Strategies to align budgets, media plans, and stakeholders

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