Account Based creativity: is brand building the final piece of the puzzle?

16th November 2021

In an increasingly competitive ABM environment, where multiple vendors are targeting the same accounts and stakeholders, could integrating a brand marketing approach into 1:1 and 1:few programmes offer an advantage to those ABMers willing to make the attempt?

In this session, bringing together insights from three agencies with deep experience in global ABM programmes – The Marketing Practice, Omobono and Kingpin – David van Schaick and Chris Butterworth share how to harness brand-building techniques to help generate, nurture and increase deals over long sales cycles.

Catch up by watching the session to learn:

  • How to build a strategic ABM plan that dovetails brand and sales activation

  • How to design cut-through creative to open doors to bigger deals and shorter sales cycles

  • The difference between differentiation and distinctiveness in ABM and how to exploit it

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