ABM Hotline launches

14th May 2021


Running complex account-based marketing programmes is hard. Training and theory will take you so far, but when you face a real life challenge or question it can be hard to access practical help.

That’s why we’ve launched the ABM Hotline. Free, one-to-one advice and tips from a community of experienced ABM practitioners around the world. The Hotline is available to anyone via our global freephone numbers or the hub. Call and leave a message or submit a question online and one of our ABM Hotline responders will get back to you within 72 working hours.

You’ll also find a library of video answers to some common questions on the hub, like ‘How do you know when an account is ready for a 1:1 approach?’, ‘Do you need specialist tech platforms to run ABM?’, and ‘How do you decide when to remove an account from a programme?’.

Visit: abmhotline.com

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

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