Demand generation: 30-minute B2B bootcamp

16th November 2020

In this 30-minute webinar, the Sergeant Major of demand generation provides practical tools and frameworks to whip your objective-setting into shape.

TMP’s managing director, Brian Caulfield, is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to demand generation, honed over many years running high-profile programmes for global technology clients both client-side and agency-side. Alongside him, and struggling to get a word in edgeways, is Heather Barnett, TMP’s head of marketing.


This session is for any B2B marketer who’s ever asked:

  • How do I calculate pipeline or meeting objectives for a new lead generation campaign?

  • Are the targets I’ve been set by sales realistic?

  • Are sales and marketing talking the same language when it comes to ‘opportunities’?

  • What existing data can I use to validate my proposed objectives?

  • What potential ‘gotchas’ should I look out for when deciding what’s achievable?

You will take away practical tools and frameworks to make sure your next campaign is launched with military precision.


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